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Tips To Purchase A Reliable Sports Car Under Your Budget

Wondering how to make your dream of owning the super cool sports car come true? The sports cars are the exclusive options that not everyone can afford. They are owned by VIPs, celebrities and rich people and require a lot of money for maintenance and keep their buzz alive on the road. Nowadays, you can easily find types of sports cars that would offer you great features under a suitable budget.

Understanding the Facts

These cars have a basic similarity with normal cars but still they come out with big differences. Also, these cars are more expensive than usual cars and thus turn out with some unique features. The popular brands that are known to manufacture reliable and popular performance packed cars are: Honda Ford Toyota Chevrolet You can choose a suitable option ensuring that you can start a nice ride without any worries. In case of the new car, there is nothing to worry about. You simply order your car, receive it and take home. But in case youre planning to buy a second hand car, make sure you know the things to consider while making the purchase.

How to purchase?

Now, while buying a sports car you need to know certain important facts that would help you to make a right choice. You can even consult with an expert ensuring that you can get a nice car that fulfills all your requirements. In this respect, you can browse the auto trader type magazine from where you can get familiar with manifold useful options. If you are a beginner, its better to buy a second-hand sports car that would aid you to save some money. In a second hand car you need to inspect a number things to make sure it is worth buying.

You should open the hood once exploring the condition of the car. Ensure that it comes out as a good one with all the car parts functioning perfectly. Its always important to examine the vehicle thoroughly and there are four main parts: Interior
Maintenance records

All these things play an important role helping you to get a suitable one consisting of all the exclusive options. So, you can now purchase vehicle that would make your life full of real adventures and any journey easier. Also, you should do the fluid checks that too serve as an important thing while purchasing. While purchasing, you should carry out all the legal proceedings that would be useful to handle the entire system successfully. Moreover, go through the terms and conditions knowing that you can purchase without any confusion. Once, you feel satisfied with all these features its time to finalize the deal of buying the car.

Do a mechanical inspection as well

And you also need to carry out a mechanical inspection that would give you the ultimate confidence. You can also go for a test drive that would help you to feel how the car runs smoothly. You can consider all the facts and findings to decide whether you should buy the car or not. Make sure you get a suitable warranty period and thus if you face any mechanical issues you can easily fix it with your car running flawlessly. In this way, you will not just make it a better deal but also offer you with something which will cost you almost nothing when it comes to maintaining and spare parts availability.

You can also watch the video on tips for first time car buyers by Exotic Car Hacks Youtube channel.

Finally, you can give your life a new start with the real time driving thrills and experiences that would bring in a big smile on your face. Ensure that you are well familiar with the features that would aid you to drive without any worries.

Is Steel Roof Rack The Right For You?

A roof rack is one of the best additions to your vehicle. Thanks to the extra cargo space it provides, driving on road and off-road with bulky equipment or multiple items becomes bearable. With it, you don't have to squeeze your load into the trunk, or worse, inside the cabin. You don't have to ask someone to pick up and deliver your things. You don't have to buy or rent a more spacious vehicle. Before you reap these benefits, you have to shop wisely first. You might need to ask if a steel roof rack is the right for you.

When you shop for a roof rack, the first factor you have to consider is the style of your vehicle's roof. Does it have a rain gutter? Are there factory installed mounts or roof rails? These are just a couple of questions you need to answer. However, you shouldn't stop at weighing on your car's roof style. You should consider the material used for your roof rack as well.

Based on the materials used, roof racks are classified into: plastic, steel and aluminum. Each type has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Among the three, the steel roof rack type tends to be middling.


Various factors determine the life span of your roof rack. These include material, use, maintenance and environmental factors. Naturally, steel and aluminum types are more durable than the plastic ones. Steel and aluminum are tougher, and therefore, can take more weight than plastic roof racks.

However, in terms of environmental factors particularly rain, wind and airborne salinity, plastic roof racks are more resistant. The said factors may cause your steel or aluminum roof rack to rust. Consequently, the rust may shorten the life span of the roof rack. If you clean your rack regularly though, the impact of the said factors could be lessened.


When it comes to functionality, the ranking is aluminum, steel and plastic as first, second and third respectively. Plastic roof rack can only carry small and/or less heavy items.

Between aluminum and steel roof racks, the latter is heavier but it doesn't mean it can take more weight. If you pick a steel type, you can only load as much as half of the roof rack's total weight. Going beyond the recommended weight may slow your car down, damage your car's roof, and worst of all, put your life in danger. If you follow the recommended weight, then there will be no problem.


If you combine durability and functionality, the aluminum roof rack will emerge as the most ideal type. But there is a catch: it is also the most expensive option. Plastic type is cheapest. The steel roof rack type is your best bet if you want something as durable as aluminum yet less pricey.

Company Car Fleet Insurance: Insuring Your Fleet In One Go

If you are running a business, and you maintain a fleet of vans for your operations, then getting a fleet insurance quote may be a better option for you, instead of insuring your vehicles separately. A commercial policy may provide you with flexibility, not to mention significant cost savings.

Most probably, you built up your fleet over a few years or months, beginning with one unit with its own insurance cover. You then decided to add another unit with its own policy to cope with the increasing demands. Before you know it, you already have several vehicles with each one having an individual insurance cover. Thus, you have in your hands a number of policies with different renewal dates that you have to monitor separately. This is where insuring all your vehicles under one policy comes in handy. Aside from providing convenience, having a single policy for your entire fleet would allow you to enjoy significant discounts on your premium since you would, in essence, be buying in bulk.

With fleet insurance, you also have the chance to insure all your designated drivers, while allowing them to drive any of the vehicles included in your policy. This will provide you with more flexibility, at the same time, boosting productivity and taking away the need for one driver to wait for his assigned vehicle to be ready before he can perform his job.

Types of Company Car Fleet Insurance Cover

There are different insurance cover levels available to your fleet, similar to a regular car insurance. These are: * Third Party Only This policy is the least expensive as it covers only the liabilities you may incur for damages to others. It does not cover you, your designated driver, or even your own vehicle.

* Third Party Fire & Theft Similar to the previous type, this covers third party damages but includes cover for you vehicle it gets stolen, or it is damaged or destroyed by fire. The policy is also more expensive than the Third Party Only option.

* Fully Comprehensive This is the most expensive and extensive company car fleet insurance cover. Aside from the coverage discussed previously, a fully comprehensive insurance also includes injuries or damages to yourself. Thus, it costs more than other types of insurance cover.

Theme Variations It is worth mentioning that policies having the same levels of coverage are not necessarily the same. Others may include extra benefits like windshield protection and breakdown cover, as well as reimbursement for legal expenses. Some companies offer these as optional items that you can do away with to save on premium cost. Other providers, however, include them in their quotes. As the owner, it is up to you whether to include the extras or not. Breakdown cover, for one, may be considered vital for your fleet, particularly if your operations depend heavily on your vehicles and your business would be severely affected in their absence. The same is true for legal expenses. You may need it if you find yourself entangled in a legal battle.

The Best Small Vans Reviewed

The courier service industry in the UK has blossomed over the years and it is this growth that has lead to an increase in the sales of vans. Many courier service providers in the UK have a large number of medium sized vans in the ranks because customers and business prefer to book them more compared to small vans however, many small vans are more fuel efficient which helps courier service providers cut costs. With so many small vans on the market the question now is which small vans are the best ones to use?

1. Nissan NV200

The Nissan NV200 has less power and cargo space when compared to other cargo vans on the market however, its efficient engine, low price, versatile interior and around town manoeuvrability makes it an excellent choice among UK courier service providers. Manoeuvrable and more efficient than large vans, competitive pricing on the market and an economical four-cylinder engine are some of the pros of this lovely van. As for the cons, less cargo space and power makes most buyers consider other vans.

2. Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo is one of the oldest vans in its class with its 1.5 litre diesel engine. This van is the second most fuel efficient thanks to the energy saving technology that it has. Replacement parts for this van are very affordable and can be found at many Renault dealerships however, the technology in the van makes it very expensive and it also has poor refinement.

3. Fiat Doblo Cargo

This is one of the most underrated vans on the UK market considering it was the very first small van to offer a one tonne payload. The Fiat Doblo Cargo is very comfortable, efficient and has plenty of load space which makes it ideal for courier work. The only drawback of this van is that the engine makes a lot of noise when cruising at low speed.

4. Volkswagen Caddy

This van is seen as the most desired van and the most efficient van in the class however, it has not changed much since 2003. The Volkswagen Caddy is very expensive especially if one is looking to buy a new one. Not only is the van expensive but its parts are not cheap either. However, it is one of the most reliable vans for courier work because it is spacious, classy and performs very well on the road.

5. Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is a favourite for UK buyers since it was introduced in 2002. Customers who buy this van are very impressed with its handling, fuel efficiency and comfort. Parts for this van are very affordable from dealers across the UK which is also another reason many people love it. Poor visibility and a wide turning circle are two major drawback of the Ford Transit Connect.