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Motorcycles Vs Scooters

Motorcycles and scooters are handy especially during traffic snarl-ups in town. Also, the use of these machines gives the advantage of low fuel consumption compared to other machines doing the same job. You might be wondering which one of them you would prefer during shopping. They exhibit vast similarities and differences which are both factors to be considered during shopping. Also, they have different benefits to the riders, and your choice will depend greatly on your taste. Below is the comparison of the two machines.


Ease of riding

If you want to navigate the roads with ease, then scooters are your best bet. This is due to the varying types of transmissions on each machine. Unlike in scooters where you get to enjoy the automatic transmission, motorcycle riders have to do this manually by operating the machine's manual transmission while at the same time using a clutch. Also, a bike is heavier compared to a scooter. As such, maneuvering becomes a task and can me much harder to learn to ride.

Step through frame

In motorcycles, there is no step through frame. Therefore, you will need to assume the position of a horse rider. On the other hand, scooters have the frame. So you just sit and place your legs on the board below, and you are ready to go. When you are getting on the scooter, you dont move your leg over the bike since there is a space to get your leg through to the other side, unlike motorcycles.


Motorcycle engines are larger and stronger than the scooter engines. Therefore, its acceleration speed is higher than the acceleration speed of the scooter. Some larger scooter models can, however, exhibit relatively higher acceleration than smaller motorcycles. Scooters are much lighter than the motorbikes. So, when you try to accelerate faster, you jeopardize your safety since the scooter is less stable.


Street legal

By being street legal, both machines have features that are coherent with traffic rules like headlights, rear light, and the mirrors. These functions are handy in traffic to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to other motorists.

Fuel consumption

The scooter and the motorcycle both have the feature of consuming less fuel compared to other machines that could serve the same purpose. As such, they are excellent 'fuel economizers.

With the above comparison, you can now make a choice. The selection of either the motorcycle or a scooter will depend on several factors including the purpose for which you are purchasing the machine as well as the price.