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Top 5 Motorcycle Riding Tips

Becoming a better motorcycle rider is about continually honing your skills. These skills are sometimes obvious, and other times not.

Here we have put together our top five riding tips articles that discuss some of these skills, culled from almost 20 years of Riding Skills Series printed in Sport Rider magazine. The list is based on a number of criteria, and includes a mix of street- and track-based motorcycle riding tips. If you are a regular reader of the magazine you will most likely have seen some of these stories before, but we feel they are well worth another look for a refresher.

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1: How To Properly Warm Up Your Tires

While many riders at the track, including virtually all racers, use tire warmers, we still get asked regularly, "How do I warm up my tires?" and "How do I break-in new tires?" We talked to Cristoph Knoche, the Racing Manager for Pirelli Tire North America's Motorcycle Division, for the answers to these questions and more. Read the article here: How To Properly Warm Up Your Tires

2: Throttle Control

Because the motorcycle needs power to overcome friction and aerodynamics, it's possible to have the throttle open while still decelerating. Expert-level riders have the throttle open before the apex of the turn, ready for a smooth drive at the exit.

Many riders use the throttle as almost an on-off switch, without paying attention to the subtleties involved. Pay more attention to the throttle, however, and use it in some ways that are not so intuitive, and there are some big benefits. Read the article here: Throttle Control

3: Mid-Corner Corrections - Street and Track

You should be riding with enough of a margin on the street that adjusting your speed or lean angle to change the riding line can be accomplished with no drama.

One difficulty that many riders—even experienced track riders—struggle with is making corrections to their line in midcorner. The typical scenario is that the rider turns in toward the apex of the corner, realizes that he is running slightly wide or tight, but can’t make the necessary adjustment—either from fear of a crash or just not knowing what to do. There are a number of options available for changing your line in a turn, however, and often it can be the counterintuitive one that works best. Read the article here: Mid-Corner Corrections - Street and Track

4: Weight Distribution

Don't weigh a scant 112 pounds like Dani Pedrosa? That may actually be to your benefit if you can learn to use your weight properly when it comes to transitions, changes in direction, braking and even acceleration. If used correctly, the extra pounds you carry could be the secret to quicker laps at the track, plus safer riding on the street. Read the article here: Weight Distribution

5: When Slower is Faster

Most corner exits and chicanes call for aggressive steering inputs and quick changes in lean angle, but in the middle of a long turn the requirement is for tiny inputs and a light touch on the bars. To see the difference and how well a rider discerns between the two, a gyroscope can be used to directly monitor changes in direction, or a rate-of-change math channel can look at how quickly lean angle changes.

Balancing smoothness and aggression is a big part of going fast on the racetrack and can also improve safety on a canyon road; it is also key to making the next step in your riding. Every incremental improvement in speed on the track requires that those quick inputs be even quicker and that the smooth inputs be even smoother. If you have trouble discerning between the two requirements at your current level of riding, it will only be more difficult when you try to up your pace. Read the article here: When Slower is Faster

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Selling Your Car And Making It Worth Your While

You're going to want to learn about selling your car to get the most out of it. Otherwise you may get stuck with a buyer that doesn't pay you what the vehicle is worth. Get some tips here and don't sell yourself short.

Selling online can be a good idea, but you have to make sure you meet up with people in your area in a safe place. That's not to say that most people are bad, but you want to avoid meeting up at your home or somewhere where you can have problems if the person turns out to want to rob you or do something else that you didn't want to have happen. Meeting up in public is better, and that's how you should always deal with things that are being sold by you online or even when you buy something from someone in your area.

When you sell your car, you should ask for a higher price than you want to take, but not too high. The goal here is to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal, but making the customer feel like they are getting a deal. If you have the price at, for instance, $1000 and you really just want $800, someone is going to feel more like buying from you since you're cutting them quite a deal. Just don't price too high over the price you want since that will just drive people away from buying from you.

Are you aware of whether or not your vehicle has any damage? Do you know what kind of work has been done on it in the past? You don't want to lie when you tell people about the vehicle you are selling. Instead, you need to talk with them and be honest about it. When it comes down to it, being an honest person when selling a vehicle goes far. That will allow you to get the most money for it and to make sure that the other party is as happy as possible.

A good way to go about selling your car is to utilize the above pieces of advcie. Sine there are a lot of varying ways to go about this, figuring out what works for you is a good idea. Now is the time to begin, so get out there and sell today!

What Are The Various Benefits Of Getting A Used Vehicle When Compared To A New Automobile

What are the various benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle when compared with a brand new car?

It's the perfect time for you to buy a new vehicle and you may be thinking which would be the wisest purchase, a pre-owned automobile or a brand new one. Even though 100% brand new vehicles have their own allure there are several advantages of opting for a second-hand automobile. Most car salesmen would actually attempt to offer you a brand new automobile since these individuals earn more money especially if it is a top of the line brand and model.

However if you've got a choice of second-hand vehicles to pick from then be certain to think twice about purchasing a new vehicle. Before we consider some of the most important factors of picking used automobiles it really is imperative to point out the one detail that you must have in mind is and that one detail is how the vehicle has been maintained previously. You want a vehicle that was owned previously by someone with a record of maintaining it.

The first benefit of buying a pre-owned automobile is the obvious fact that you're going to spend a lot less which ranks number one, two and three. Though most people generally don't realize it, the cash difference, on average, between a second-hand and a new car is about twenty grand. In this economy where most individuals typically don't possess that sort of extra money, it makes no sense to use up that amount of cash specially when you can take advantage of exactly the same characteristics with a second-hand vehicle.

Although it's accurate that the interest rates on second-hand vehicles are larger, the actual gap between the two is minial. On a new vehicle you would get around four percent whereas on a new car you'd get more or less 4.99%.

A used automobile obviously has a track record and you know of course that an individual has used it and that it functions well. Provided that you receive a maintenance record to show that the car was serviced regularly you're going to be all right and have a better comfort levell.

A second-hand vehicle has lesser depreciation when compared with a brand new car. Once you purchase and then take a car from a showroom you right away lose about twenty five percent of its original price. That is a great deal of cash lost if you give it some thought. In the event you purchase a pre-owned automobile, however, it'll depreciate in actual value but then not that drastically year over year. If you ever put it up for sale after a short time you would secure a large amount of your investment back.

You don't pay out taxes when it comes to used automobiles at all. That is something that a lot of states don't make known to the general public. Learn exactly how much tax you have to pay on a used automobile in your own state of residence and see the amount of money you're going to be saving.

The registration expenses for cars decreases year after year, although for new cars the fees are really high initially. If you get a pre-owned vehicle you will not pay out that much in registration fees plus they will fall year after year taking less out of your bank account. If your decision is to go with a pre-owned vehicle, one place you can't go wrong is buying used cars in Elkhart from the Lochmandy Auto Group. Their history spanning nearly one hundred years stands alone when it comes to taking care of their customers.

Whenever you get a new automobile you'd be getting quite a lot of add-ons or accessories that you typically don't need to have. Car sellers are smart and so they desire to make the most money they can out of you. Generally, they do that easily by including add-ons or accessories to brand new cars and then charging you for these add-ons. You don't have to pay additional for things that you simply don't require and as a result of going with a used car, you avoid these added costs and save more money.

Think again before buying a new car as a second-hand car would actually get you where you wished to go on time and in the same comfortable ride.