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The U.s. Presidential Limos Throughout The Decades

When President Obama leaves office, hell surely look back at his time at the White House and cherish the memories of all the luxuries he experienced. For sure, one of them will be riding in the very beast thats served him since January 2009.

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President Obamas Cadillac remains to be the newest member in an exclusive club of presidential vehicles dating back to 1899, when William McKinley had hopped in his Locomobile. It wasnt until 1939, however, when the Secret Service implemented the use of safety-purposed cars to drive the president around. Below is a list of those historic limousines.

1. Lincoln Sunshine Special (1939)

President at the time: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Situation at the time: It was a priority to provide President Roosevelt, who was on a wheelchair, a convenient way of getting in and out of the vehicle without compromising his presidential dignity.

Supposed features: - A wheelbase that measured 160 inches - Armored body constructed by coachbuilder Brunn in New York - Oversize rear-hinged doors at the back - The top was virtually always open (hence the name Sunshine Special) - Better quality of bulletproof glass, which was installed in 1942

2. Lincoln Cosmopolitan (1950)

President at the time: Harry S. Truman

Situation at the time: The job of manufacturing the new presidential limo was given to Fords Lincoln division.

Supposed features: - A wheelbase that measured 145 inches - A bubbletop canopy, which was added in 1954

3. Lincoln Continental SS-100-X (1961)

President at the time: John F. Kennedy

Situation at the time: Unfortunately, this was the same vehicle that was driving Kennedy around on the day of his assassination. However, it was rebuilt and continued its service for succeeding presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Supposed features: - The vehicle was stretched through Hess & Eisenhart of Cincinnati to 33 inches between the front and rear doors as well as behind the rear doors - A standard 430-cubic inch Lincoln V-8 powered the vehicle - A metal hoop was located behind the drivers seat, which gave the President something to hold onto when standing for parades - Following the assassination, the vehicle was added with both armor and a permanent bulletproof hardtop

4. Lincoln Continental (1972)

President at the time: Gerald R. Ford

Situation at the time: The vehicle kept President Ford safe after Secret Service agents pushed him inside during an assassination attempt in San Francisco in 1975.

5. Cadillac Fleetwood (1983)

President at the time: Ronald W. Reagan

Situation at the time: Cadillac was finally given the chance to manufacture a limousine for the Secret Service after decades of Lincolns.

6. Cadillac DeVille (2001)

President at the time: George W. Bush

Situation at the time: It was speculated that the vehicle was built upon the frame of a General Motors SUV such as the Cadillac Escalade or Chevrolet Suburban.

Supposed features: - Armored doors that were five inches thick - Bulletproof glass that masked the vehicle from some parts of the light spectrum - A self-contained passenger compartment equipped with its own air supply - A truck engine that measured 454 cubic inches


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