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Key Points To Consider When Buying A Personal Hovercraft

This new industry is taking the outdoor sporting world by storm and more companies are designing better models every week it seems. As it is still a fledgling industry, you can find huge differences in quality in the market place, so what are the things to look for before answering those hovercraft for sale ads? Nobody wants a pig in a poke, and buying a personal hovercraft that is unsafe or doesn't perform is worse than useless. In act, it could be downright dangerous, especially if your are a family man with kids. Some things are obvious, for example - a racing craft is inherently more unstable than a slower leisure hovercraft.

Before going to see any particular air cushioned vehicle, first check over the specs to make sure it will suit your needs? How many seats do you need? Is your top concern speed, fun or safety? All vehicles have a combination of all three in order to maximize your fun. The engine noise levels in decibels should be recorded at various throttles, and it may be recommended to wear ear protection - not too sporty, but hearing degrades pretty fast when wind is rushing past them, and also a loud engine is whining away close by. Another thing to look for and ask about it the problem known as 'plow in'. this occurs in choppy seas when a wave hits the bow causing it to dip into the water with dangerous consequences.

The skirt should be manufactured from very tough and durable material, such as rip-stop sail cloth with a rubberized or Neoprene coating - check it out this article. One company actually challenge prospective customers to tear their skirt fabric, so it's a good indication that it's tough enough. The skirt should be attached in sections, rather than one piece. Sounds strange, but imagine hitting a rock and tearing a one piece skirt. The whole would have to be changed, which is very expensive. You wouldn't be carrying one, so the day would be ruined as well.

Finally, so and see the hovercraft you want to buy and give the once over. All manufacturers and dealers will let you have a go, and it takes just 5 minutes to learn how to operate one. Does the machine look good? If it seems robust, then that's a god indication. It's hard to hide shoddy workmanship. Also, you can feel the stability once it's moving along which will give you confidence to purchase. You need confidence, because these things now cost about the same a car for the 6 seat hovercraft and it's a lot of money to shell out if it isn't exactly what you want.


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