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Company Car Fleet Insurance: Insuring Your Fleet In One Go

If you are running a business, and you maintain a fleet of vans for your operations, then getting a fleet insurance quote may be a better option for you, instead of insuring your vehicles separately. A commercial policy may provide you with flexibility, not to mention significant cost savings.

Most probably, you built up your fleet over a few years or months, beginning with one unit with its own insurance cover. You then decided to add another unit with its own policy to cope with the increasing demands. Before you know it, you already have several vehicles with each one having an individual insurance cover. Thus, you have in your hands a number of policies with different renewal dates that you have to monitor separately. This is where insuring all your vehicles under one policy comes in handy. Aside from providing convenience, having a single policy for your entire fleet would allow you to enjoy significant discounts on your premium since you would, in essence, be buying in bulk.

With fleet insurance, you also have the chance to insure all your designated drivers, while allowing them to drive any of the vehicles included in your policy. This will provide you with more flexibility, at the same time, boosting productivity and taking away the need for one driver to wait for his assigned vehicle to be ready before he can perform his job.

Types of Company Car Fleet Insurance Cover

There are different insurance cover levels available to your fleet, similar to a regular car insurance. These are: * Third Party Only This policy is the least expensive as it covers only the liabilities you may incur for damages to others. It does not cover you, your designated driver, or even your own vehicle.

* Third Party Fire & Theft Similar to the previous type, this covers third party damages but includes cover for you vehicle it gets stolen, or it is damaged or destroyed by fire. The policy is also more expensive than the Third Party Only option.

* Fully Comprehensive This is the most expensive and extensive company car fleet insurance cover. Aside from the coverage discussed previously, a fully comprehensive insurance also includes injuries or damages to yourself. Thus, it costs more than other types of insurance cover.

Theme Variations It is worth mentioning that policies having the same levels of coverage are not necessarily the same. Others may include extra benefits like windshield protection and breakdown cover, as well as reimbursement for legal expenses. Some companies offer these as optional items that you can do away with to save on premium cost. Other providers, however, include them in their quotes. As the owner, it is up to you whether to include the extras or not. Breakdown cover, for one, may be considered vital for your fleet, particularly if your operations depend heavily on your vehicles and your business would be severely affected in their absence. The same is true for legal expenses. You may need it if you find yourself entangled in a legal battle.


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